Basically, all processes in our digital age can be enabled, supported and optimized by IT.

We live the principle of using empathy and expertise to create the digital DNA that inspires your company and helps your employees to perform at their best.

It’s not just a matter of keeping up with the technological advances that are sprouting daily, but of imagining and creating competitive ecosystems and economies where visions can sprout and innovations can flourish.

We live in a technologically exciting time. Let’s create an even more exciting future together.

Three factors that matter


The competence of our employees is the foundation of your project success. Our experts have an academic education, cross-industry project experience and receive technology-specific training. In our projects we live an active exchange with the necessary and supporting competences by involving further experts from the team or the partner network. Thus we guarantee a technically and methodically correct project realization without interruptions.

Reliable partners

We take responsibility – not only for the success of the project, but also for your growth. New developments and adaptations harbor potentials and risks. Our employees accompany you as reliable partners. We identify implementation possibilities and coordinate options with you. Start-ups are directly supported and change requests are professionally reflected in order to maintain strategic goals and identify opportunities.


A software, an interface or a function form only a part of your process and system landscape. As part of the digital strategy, we understand the importance of the individual projects and thus take into account the impact of each change on the system landscape and operational processes in the design and implementation. The foresight of our experts enables the targeted further development and subsequent integration of applications to realize new potential.

Company development

Our journey

2015 Matchwerk Solutions

Recommendation algorithms for customer-centric consulting processes
Exist-Startup and Spinlab Accelerator participants
Software development for startups and SMEs

2018 Lipsia Digital

Specialization in the development of operational core systems, eCommerce solutions, mobile apps


Experts for CRM systems as well as portal
and platform development
Architecture consulting and realization for digital transformation
Salesforce Consulting Partner
+30 employees and +10 languages spoken

Company Founders